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They can’t change their massive weird heads, but can they stop the bullies from going on about it all the time?
Join Eggy and Squeg in this proper daft adventure to find out.

When two daft lads get trapped in a massive castle surrounded by crocodiles, the most rubbish school trip ever turns into a proper good adventure.
What weird stuff might they find?
Can they find a way to escape?
Join Eggy and Squeg in this tale of medieval madness to find out.

Ever wondered where all your rubbishy muck and manky gubbins ends up?
Down a manky gubbins hole all the way to Monsterland of course.
That’s where our rubbish turns things into mutated monsters trapped forever!
Will two daft lads find a way out?
Join Eggy and Squeg as they battle through a world full of slimy sludge and manky monsters to find out!

Creating Eggy and Squeg
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About Eggy and Squeg

A weird and wild adventure book series written and illustrated by Jim Nicholson.

Written how kids talk and jam packed with my daft drawings.

More to come in the series so join the mailing list below to keep up to date with deals and offers. 

Available now on Amazon:

Book 1- 'Eggy and Squeg Face the Bullies'

Book 2- 'Eggy and Squeg Trapped in Croc Castle'

Book 3- 'Eggy and Squeg and the Manky Monsters'


"I bought your books today for my niece Mya, we’ve just been listening to her giggling while reading in bed. Thank you."


"Particularly love the self drawn illustrations (favourites Mr Fridges & Mrs Dusty).
Made me laugh out loud & can’t wait for Eggy & Squeg’s next adventure!"


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